Sustainability Is The Key

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Connecting Data, People & Digital Transformation To Make Sense Out of It
Propenomy Sustainability Model

What We do

We Learn

We understand the sustainability of your business by learning about your clients, your goals, and your objectives.

  • Studying the sustainability of your business and discover who you are as a company, organization or personal project is the foundation of a strategic marketing partnership.
  • Understanding your customers allows us to develop a plan that targets and communicates to the right audience.
  • The value of your brand is priceless. Today, brands grow and die faster than ever before because of the power of the internet.

We Plan

We work to develop a strategic marketing program that will reach your target audience.

  • Our marketing strategists determine the best way to tell your audience about the products and services you offer and how their needs are met.
  • It’s easy to spend too little and possible to spend too much. We make sure your dollars are spent on the right kind of marketing where profitability and ROI is greatest.
  • Never miss a beat. Our marketing calendars assure you’re staying in front of your audience on a consistent basis with a steady stream of marketing communications.

We Deliver

We put the plan into action, monitor date, tweak, optimize and achieve results.

  • Our team of web developers, designers, copywriters, and social media experts create the assets needed to launch a successful campaign.
  • Good strategy needs great execution. We make sure your marketing stays on track without distraction or deviation, measuring results along the way to ensure we’re moving in the right direction.
  • Things happen, and change is inevitable. We’re here for you; planning, analyzing, pivoting and changing course as needed to ensure your goals are met.

Why Choose Us

Sustainability is the key

We Build Sustainability Driven Model For Your Business


If someone does things with passion the outcome will be faster and more effective, We’ve plenty of it!

We Build Sustainability Driven Model For Your Business


Innovation is the new normal, when it’s boosted with creativity unbelievable things happen! We advocate creative innovation.

We Build Sustainability Driven Model For Your Business

Partner not client

We’ve always looked at clients as partners and aimed to deliver services above their expectations.


What They Say About Us

We want to express our appreciation for Propenomy, REI International Holding Sdn Bhd Consultant guidance and assistance in helping us to complete the study on “Housing Market & Development Study for Simalaju Industrial Park & Tanjung Kidurong Industrial Park, Bintulu, Sarawak” recently. Though there were several unexpected obstacles along the way, especially with the movement restriction due to the pandemic, REI continued to work and support our team to complete its goal. REI’s professional and timely commitment has been excellent in helping us to come out with comprehensive finding and recommendation. We hope to continue to work with REI for other future projects.
I believe in Dr. Daniele Gambero and team with his vision for Propenomy. It is the very appropriate for the Side Gig or even the freelance economy in which it will allow more to generate an additional income stream at their own desired motivation. It is a very good connectivity point as the assets of today and the future will be data and attention currency. Those that are connected online in the Digital world will be the once that will own the attention needed that cross all borders without even ever leaving their homes to be of serves. The time has come for a Propenomy website that will be of so much value for the good of the this new normal in a new world economy.
Propenomy and Dr. Daniele have helped us in the revision of our marketing strategy and boost our presence in LinkedIn and other media. Relevant creative content, always thinking outside the box and realizing innovative ideas to drive more traffic towards our website. Working with Propenomy is like having a new friend and partner in our company more than a service provider! Thank you Propenomy and Dr. Daniele!

A Few Of Our Clients