Branded Communication

The Art of Branded Communication

speaking Engagement

Everyone can speak but few can communicate values, knowledge and help brands being recognised for their inner values! Mastering the art of Communicative Performance helps keeping the public’s attention focused on the messages and ensures a strong brand building!

Branded Communication - Custom Talk

Custom Talk

All presentations from Propenomist are different and tailored to the specific needs of each client. Propenomist doesn’t and has bever sold in his public speaking engagement but highlight in a smart way the USP of the product as being the ones of the product of his choice!

Branded Communication

brand leverage

No doubt, after more than decades of public presentations for a cumulative public of more than 100,000 people, Propenomist is a recognized and appreciated brand when it comes to property and development, but not only. Dr Daniel has been able to establish a special link with his public and the loyalty of his followers is undisputable.

Branded Communication

Facts & Numbers

One unique characteristic of Propenomist talks, is that when it comes to his reasoning and formal-logic are always backed by strong data and facts. His gifted way of analyzing and combining numbers and statistics is unique and very appreciated by the public, developers and government agencies.

Branded Communication

Recognised K.O.L

A Key Opinion Leader becomes such only when his followers are trusting the arguments brought up to support and strengthen his dialog. This can only happen when the arguments are strong and undeniable which is the true essence of Dr. Daniele presentations. When engaging him, best is always to let him analyze the project and pass truthful information, when requested.

Branded Communication

Communicative Performance

Propenomist looks at engagement with the public from a different angle. A public event to be crowded needs to be entertaining which is precisely what Dr Daniele does when on stage. He has the unique gift of “reading” the public frequency and adapt his presentation style to it and transform a normal talk into an entertaining show.

Branded Communication

topics and projects

Propenomist doesn’t speak for every project but carefully choose. It has been taking more than 10 years to establish his brand and all the work done might be disappearing in a matter of minutes if he makes a mistake. Which is why he keeps on saying, location and prices might not be enough to be looked at as a plus point of a project but much more need to be looked at as highly sustainable development.