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Minimising Distance with Tech

Minimising Distance With Tech
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Being in a relationship can be a really wonderful thing. But unfortunately to many of us, our partners are not near for us to kiss them, or hug them, let alone holding hands with them. Sure, mobile phones and social media can temporarily ease the pain of being far apart. But, relying just on the voices, and seeing the face of our partners on our mobile or laptop screen is not enough to make us feel their presence. We constantly crave for physical touch.

Well, as many people today would say “There’s an app for that”, or in this case, there’s a gadget for that as well.

From long distance hugging, and even long distance kissing, here are some gadgets/apps that can help us maintain connection with our partner.


The Hug Shirt

(Source: Envivant)

(Source: Envivant)

Invented in 2002 by CuteCircuit, the  , as you can tell by the name, enables you to send hugs to your partner as easy as you would traditionally text message or call your partner, provided he/she wears the shirt as well. It does this by detecting your hug through sensors embedded in the shirt, and transmitting the hug through various networks. The sensors capture almost every little detail so that it feels like a real hug, from the strength, the duration, and even the skin warmth.



(Source: Medium)

(Source: Medium)


Jeremy Schoenherr and his partner were thrusted into a long-distance relationship (LDR) a week after his girlfriend went to Los Angeles to pursue her dream job.

What he found out was the stuff that usually normal LDR couples do like texting, and sending selfies of each other were not enough. Existing couple’s apps didn’t help them either as they were all just generally inconsistent and convoluted.

And so, Jeremy decided to take matters into his own hands. He designed  , a couple’s app which intends to “express affection immediately”. Some of its features that distinguishes itself from other couple’s apps are , 1) the app only connects to you and your partner only, 2) a one-tap feature for you to send a picture (and a sweet/cute caption if you want to), 3) and a live location, weather, and time feature for you to keep track of your partner.

LDR just got a whole lot easier, and simpler too.


The Long Distance Relationship Lamp

(Source: Uncommon Goods)

(Source: Uncommon Goods)

Do you literally want to ‘light up’ your partner’s life, wherever they are? With the  , you sure can.

Created by John Harrison and Vanessa Whalen, the lamp lights up when one other person touches his/her own lamp, wherever the person may be through Wi-Fi. It’s a perfect gadget that’s basically saying “Hey honey, I’m here and missing you” to your partner. And another cool thing, the lamp changes color every now and then, so no need to trouble yourself finding the right color for you and your partner.


Pillow Talk

(Source: Little Riot)

(Source: Little Riot)

Lying on the bed alone in your room while your partner is far away from you can be emotionally depressing.

But what if, you can feel his/her presence near you, or as if you are lying your head on his/her chest? Behold, the Pillow Talk.

It works by giving each other a wristband and a speaker which is placed under the pillow. The wristband picks up a person’s heartbeat, and then transmits it through the speaker, and sends it to the other person. The result: you can feel each other’s heartbeat in real time, and feel like you’re in bed together. Can’t get any more romantic than that, right?





And finally, we saved the best for last.

As if you thought simulating hugs and heartbeats were enough, you can now even simulate kissing in real time as well.

Invented and developed in Singapore back in 2011, uses silicone lips to replicate real lips, and uses sensors and the Internet to capture your kiss and your partners’ kiss as well, and transmit them simultaneously in real time, pretty much the same as the previously featured gadgets.

There’s even a mobile version now, so you now can have some daily dose of ‘sugar lips’ of your partner anywhere, and anytime.


Written by Ahzam Nadzri

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