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Greatest Fictional Dads

Greatest Fictional Dads
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Fathers or Dads. Never the one to take credit for almost anything that they did. Always getting stuff done behind the curtains, a ‘behind the scenes’ kind of man, which also means we rarely see them in social media posts or pictures. Which is for the better because our dads are our own unsung heroes, and no one knows him better than his own sons and/or daughters.

Much like our real-world dads, the greatest dads also exist in various fictional media, particularly in television shows, films, and even video games. And while the achievements of those fictional dads outweigh the efforts of our real-world dads, their resolve to reach their goals is pretty much inspired by our real-world dads.

Let’s have a look at some of the greatest on-screen and virtual dads.

TV Dads

Phil Coulson (Agents of SHIELD)

Phil Coulson, Agents of SHIELD, Avengers, Greatest Fictional Dads

Phil Coulson (played by Clark Gregg). Credit: IGN

First seen in Iron Man, then killed by Loki in The Avengers, and then was brought back to life by Nick Fury, Philip J. Coulson now leads his own team, comprising of skilled SHIELD agents, even after the agency fell during the incidents in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Coulson serves as a leader to his team, and also as a father figure to one particular agent, Skye/Daisy Johnson.

Phil Coulson, Daisy Johnson, Agents of SHIELD, Avengers, Greatest Fictional Dads

Phil Coulson and Skye / Daisy Johnson. Credit: Inspieos, Tumblr

Coulson has poured his heart and soul into his team, and also towards Daisy. And to that, his team and Daisy will follow him anywhere he goes, even when the destination could bring catastrophic consequences to him, and his team as well.

Phil Coulson, Agents of SHIELD, Avengers, Greatest Fictional Dads

Agents of SHIELD. Credit: ScreenRant

Ned Stark (Game of Thrones)

Ned Stark, Game of Thrones, Greatest Fictional Dads

Ned Stark (played by Sean Bean). Credit: MovieWeb

Though his appearance in the show was really short (like, 8 episodes short), and now only known as a meme, like this one:

Ned Stark, Game of Thrones, Greatest Fictional Dads

Beyond all this, he was a great husband, a great friend, a great brother, and especially a great father to his 5 children; Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rickon.

Ned Stark, House of Stark, Game of Thrones, Greatest Fictional Dads

(From left) Bran, Arya, Sansa, Robb, Ned, Catelyn, and Rickon. Credit: FanFest

He also promised his dead sister to take care of her son, Jon Snow, whom he claimed as his bastard son. The move was a blow to his family name, but it was all to protect Jon’s true royal identity, and to protect him from various forces wanting to eliminate him.

Jon Snow, Ned Stark, Game of Thrones, Greatest Fictional Dads

Jon Snow (played by Kit Harrington). Credit: Page Six

Just goes to show how honorable Ned Stark is.

Movie Dads

Marlin (Finding Nemo)

Marlin, Finding Nemo, Greatest Fictional Dads

Marlin. Credit: Wikia

When his only son, Nemo was kidnapped by a dentist looking for a new fish to add in his clinic, he made it his priority to bring his son back home, even if it means literally swimming through an entire ocean, and continuously risking his own life like navigating through old sea mines, and hordes of jellyfish, all to rescue his precious Nemo.

Marlin, Finding Nemo, Greatest Fictional Dads

Marlin and Nemo. Credit: Zimbio/Disney Pixar

Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird)

Atticus Finch, To Kill A Mockingbird, Greatest Fictional Dads

Atticus Finch (played by Gregory Peck). Credit: Daily Report

Living in a time where racism runs rampant, and social class determines who you are in society must be really tough, especially when you are a lawyer and you decided to defend an African American convicted of committing rape. But for Atticus Finch, that’s just another set of challenge he’ll have to overcome.

Even with all these tasks, he still has the time to teach her little girl, Scout about the important moral values one must have in life, and also the importance of education.

Atticus Finch, To Kill A Mockingbird, Greatest Fictional Dads

Atticus and Scout. Credit: Classic Film, Flickr


Virtual Dads

Kratos (God of War)

Kratos, God of War, Greatest Fictional Dads

Kratos. Credit: GameLab

This much beloved anti-hero has had a tumultuous history, particularly with the Greek gods and his own father, Zeus. He could not even keep his own family alive due to his violent and volatile nature.

All of that was forgotten when he moved to Scandinavia and settled down as a mortal, married a woman, and had a son named Atreus. But Atreus would not get to grow up with his mother by his side. And so, Kratos and Atreus set out on a quest to fulfill his mother’s final request, which is to spread her ashes on top of the highest peak of the Nine Realms.

Kratos, Atreus, God of War, Greatest Fictional Dads

Kratos and Atreus (or more commonly known as ‘BOY’). Credit: PlayStation Lifestyle

Fans of the long-running series know that Kratos is not a great father, to begin with. In the latest instalment, this was totally redeemed. And though he may fail at times (he only addresses his son by the name ‘Boy’) at parenting, he does his very best to make sure Atreus does not fall into harm’s way, a stark contrast of what he used to be in the past.

Admiral David Anderson (Mass Effect)

Admiral David Anderson, Mass Effect, Greatest Fictional Dads

Admiral David Anderson. Credit: Wikia

More of a father figure than an actual father actually, but still an awesome and badass father nonetheless, his unending concern for his crew, particularly for one Commander Shepard (male/female, depending on who you choose to play).

Admiral David Anderson, Mass Effect, Greatest Fictional Dads

Male and Female Shepard. Credit: GameSpot

From putting your name in the top candidacy for the most elite galactic security force (Spectre) by dropping his name, to betraying the Council’s order to save the galaxy, and eventually sacrificing his life for Shepard, his actions are nothing short of inspiring and brave, a quality that exists in our real-life dads.

So whether real or not, fathers are one of the main drives that keep a family going (besides our mothers, of course). He may not be there by your side all the time, but rest assured before he goes, he’ll always get things done.

Written by Ahzam Nadzri

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