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Escaping Reality: We Tried VR Gaming!

Escaping Reality: We Tried VR Gaming!
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By Ahzam Nadzri

Have you ever wanted to literally ‘escape’ from reality? Well, VR gaming might just be something you need. Needing a break from reality ourselves, REI Digital Team got the opportunity to experience firsthand the joys of virtual reality at VR Lab. Coupled with the fact that all four of us are technically ‘virgins’ in virtual reality (VR), needless to say we were all geared up for one heck of an experience.

With more than 180 game choices through Steam (an online gaming platform), you will definitely be able to find a game suited to your liking. From releasing the inner ninja in you in Fruit Ninja, protecting yourself from endless waves of the undead in The Brookhaven Experiment, to dancing and playing along to your favourite jams in Beat Saber. Not only do you get to enjoy playing these games, you can also get a bit of a workout done, especially with upbeat games such as Fruit Ninja VR where you have to actually swing your hands to slice and dice some fruits, and Beat Saber where you can enjoy modern techno, electro tunes, but at the same time slice some music cubes and avoid laser walls and mines.

Virtual Reality, VR, Gaming

The inner ninja is UNLEASHED!

Virtual Reality, VR, Gaming

The calm before the inevitable storm.

Virtual Reality, VR, Gaming

Ridding off flying cockroaches in her virtual home.

Virtual Reality, VR, Gaming

Another Fruit Ninja in the house with his distinctive chopping skills.

Movement was key in all of the games that we played, and the size of the room complements this necessity. You can see the limited area which you can move around in the real world and also through the virtual display; basically to avoid you getting too excited and bumping into the wall.

Games like Fruit Ninja and The Brookhaven Experiment only required us to stand in the same spot and slice the fruits, or shoot the zombies. Other games like Beat Saber, which requires you to move left or right to avoid the laser walls and actively slicing the beat cubes, and another horror game titled Emily Wants To Play where you play as a pizza delivery guy who gets stuck in a house with some deadly haunted dolls. You move around the house by ‘teleporting’ from one point to another. You can even interact with the objects in the house.

For those who never played video games before, it would be a bit difficult for you to adjust your vision between the virtual and real world. For those who are used to video games, it should be no problem as seeing through the virtual display goggles is more or less like seeing through your computer screen.

Audio wise, the TV speaker provided enough immersion for us to feel like we’re really in all of the games, though it would be better if we were provided with earphones or headphones so that we would be really sucked in the games.

All in all, VR gaming was more fun that we would thought it would be. We laughed, we got scared, and even got a little exercise. Perhaps if you want to get fit while enjoying yourself, maybe considering going to the VR Lab wouldn’t be a bad idea.

See us in action donning VR gears!


About VR Lab
Founded by aspiring entrepreneurs Dato’ Jack Tang, and Datin Shireen Tan in 2016, VR Lab have since then expanded to 6 branches, 5 in the Klang Valley area, and 1 in Kuching, Sarawak. Operated using the latest HTC Vive VR sets, and boasting a plethora of VR games and applications, VR Lab ensures that you’ll have a VR experience that will have you wanting more.

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