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Dr. Daniele Gambero
Founder and Propenomist of Propenomy Academy

Dr. Daniele Gambero, expatriate to Malaysia from Italy since 2000, is the CEO and co-founder of strategic marketing consultancy firm REI Group of Companies. He holds an MBA from L. Bocconi University in Milan-Italy (Macro Economy), a Master in Communication from the University of Michigan Ann Arbour MI – USA and a PhD in Strategic Marketing and Mass Communication from the University of Michigan.

Dr. Daniele Gambero has provided strategic marketing consultancies, investment studies, market researches, property market reports and business valuation all around the world. Since 2007, through REI Group of Companies he has been consulting Malaysian developers on design, concept, strategic marketing and pricing, advertising and marketing & sales procedures for their residential, commercial and industrial project in Malaysia. REI Group portfolio includes: UMLand Bhd, I&P Sdn Bhd, EnCorp Bhd, EnCapital Sdn Bhd, PNB/PNBD Sdn Bhd, Genting Properties Sdn Bhd, SP Setia Bhd, TAHPS Group Bhd, IRDA and Pasdec Holding Bhd.

A well known and reputable speaker, Dr. Daniel Gambero is frequently invited as panellist or key speaker for workshops and events by REHDA, SHAREDA (Sabah Housing and Real Estate Developers Association), SHEDA (Sarawak Housing & Real Estate Developer Association), ASLI, FIABCI Malaysian Chapter, PAM, PEPS, University Malaya, StarProperty, iProperty Group, Property Guru just to mention few. He is a recurrent speaker for the Cityscape as key speaker on Malaysian Property Market for their circuit of international expos.

Through his ability in structuring local and global macro / micro economic indicators to look into the Malaysian property market, he centres his speeches on rightness of property investment based on economic growth drivers’ performances, current and future market values, location, upcoming infrastructures and their impact on the market trend. Dr. Daniele Gambero is member of FIABCI Malaysian Chapter and has been invited to be part of advisory panels by IRDA (IMPACT Team), PAM (Affordable housing Master Class), UMLand Bhd and so on. He has been giving regular lectures at UITM and University Mara.

Dr. Daniele Gambero is also a regular columnist for several newspapers and specialized property magazines such as The Star (StarProperty pull-out), Malaysian Reserve (Real Reserve Pull-out), Malay Mail (Get Real Pull-out), Property.360, Real Estate Malaysia, Property Hunter, Property Insight, iProperty and many more.

In 2016 Dr. Daniele Gambero has launched his book “Malaysian Propenomy” where he explains his view on the Malaysian Property Market. The word Propenomy has been copyrighted under REI Group of Companies and represents what is Dr. Gambero model to plan future development based on economic growth drivers. Property Development/Investment through Economic Growth = PROPENOMY The Propenomy model will allow the readers to properly analyze the market and identify the actual demand drivers to be ahead of the situation and get ready for the good times that will start coming towards the end of this year.

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