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The Propenomy Show

BY Ahzam Nadzri As you all know, Propenomy is a brand/division under REI Group of Companies and recently for their latest real project, Datum Jelatek, REI Group and the client, Datumcorp International, have launched an educational TV show by tapping into our…

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Penang Property Convention 2018

By Ahzam Nadzri Curious about the current state of the property market in Penang, or the whole country in general? Do you want to know the effects of SST on the property market? Planning to invest in property? Well, fret…

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Mobile Gaming, Budget, Phones

Mobile Gaming on a Budget

By Ahzam Nadzri Mobile gaming. It’s all the rage nowadays. And due to that fact, the mobile gaming industry is now rivalling their mainstream gaming counterpart. With current games on mobile/smartphones providing console-like graphics and gameplay, it’s no wonder that…

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Experience 61 Years Of Malaysia In RM61, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Merdeka,

Experience 61 years of Malaysia in RM61

By Ahzam Nadzri  On the 31st of August this year, Malaysia will celebrate its 61st year of independence. And boy, there’s been a plenty of reasons for us to celebrate the heck out of it this year. (GE14 ring any…

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Virtual Reality, VR, Gaming

Escaping Reality: We Tried VR Gaming!

By Ahzam Nadzri Have you ever wanted to literally ‘escape’ from reality? Well, VR gaming might just be something you need. Needing a break from reality ourselves, REI Digital Team got the opportunity to experience firsthand the joys of virtual…

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