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The Propenomy Academy is based on Dr. Daniele Gambero’s book, Malaysian Propenomy and has the aim of being an educational hub for young Malaysians to get financially fit and educated while getting ready to buy their first home.

Propenomy, trade-marked under REI Group of Companies, is a property investment / development model which allows to read the future demand for both residential and commercial properties based on the planned economic growth in a selected area. Understanding and using the Propenomy model will allow you to buy properties without the fear of loss of value or, in case you are an investor, of low ROI (Return On Investment).
From the basic of macro economy to property intelligence and from legal aspects of buying a property to financial calculations, you, as a first-time property buyer, will be fit with all the basic but indispensable knowledge. The final aim of Propenomy Academy is to make sure that as many Malaysians as possible will be able to find the most affordable home with the greatest room for capital appreciation.

Dr. Daniele Gambero, well known speaker in Malaysia, is also available for half-day/multiple days engagements from developers, associations and property expo organisers. Please refer to the rat ecard below for further information.

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