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5 Tips To Start Urban Farming

5 Tips To Start Urban Farming

Now everyone can make the world a greener place!

Do you have green fingers, but are not sure how and where to plant because you are staying in an apartment or condominium? Do not let space limitation stop you from making the world a greener place. Here are some tips and tricks on how you should start with urban farming in your house! If you own a balcony, then this is one of the ways for you to make use of that balcony! Coincidently, today is World Environment Day and there is no better day than today to start!

1. Assess your resources

Urban Farming, World Environment Day

Image Credit: Container Gardening

If you are a first-timer, then you should really know what is the equipment needed for urban farming because you do not want to do it wrong, right? One good thing about this urban farming is, it does not require many things, you can just reuse your plastic bottles. Easy right? You do not need fancy vase after all!

2. Knowledge is important!

Urban Farming, World Environment Day

Image Credit: Modernland Girls

Always know what kind of plants you want to plant, be it an edible plant or just a decoration plant. Not only that, you must first have a little knowledge on the plants you are planting. Spend some time to get to know how to take care of those plants, jumping in head first is a no-go!

3. Too hot? Or too cold?

Urban Farming, World Environment Day

Image Credit: Daily Improvisations

Unlike other countries, Malaysia only has 2 seasons, which somehow makes it easy for us to predict the weather, isn’t it? So, make sure to have a list of plants that are suitable and able to adapt to the tropical weather that we have here in Malaysia. Do your research, yeah?

4. Grow useful plants

Urban Farming, World Environment Day

Image Credit: Viz Decor

Make sure you create a list of greens you want to plant; it could be your favourite flowers, or it could be something edible like your favourite vegetables or herbs. Therefore, every time you need an extra boost of flavour for your dish, you can just get it from your own nursery. You can save a lot of money here!

5. Double your harvest

Urban Farming, World Environment Day

Image Credit: Greenside Up

Planting multiple crops in one container is actually good for your plants and it is also a good plan when you do not have much space on your balcony. The classic combination is always beans and carrots, however for smaller places you can always combine chilli, basil or tomatoes and plant those greens together in one pot!

There you go! Hope these tips will help give an idea for you to start urban farming in your house. Give it a try. Perhaps, you’ll discover your new passion. Happy Environment Day!

Written by Nurul Rustam

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